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Testimonial - Edwards Life Sciences “I appreciate that we have the opportunity to facilitate the training ourselves so that we can continually sharpen the skills of our people. This makes the training dollar go further. Also we are able to stay on top of marketRead Edwards Life Sciences Full Testimonial trends through continual interaction with customers, training and implementing the changes to our sales strategies." Edwards Life Sciences
Testimonial - Warner Bros Video

"The disciplines that the Fortune Program has provided to our sales team has certainly given us the edge over our competitors in the market place, and are looked upon by our staff, as extremely valuable tools when trying to get the job done." Warner Bros Video

Just Better Care Testimonial

“We have been using Fortune's leadership program to assist our Franchisees grow their business. Steve Brown's approach and style always goes to the heart ofRead Just Better Care Full Testimonial the point he is trying to make. His business insights have helped many of our leaders re-evaluate how they manage their people and their business.” Just Better Care

3M Testimonial

"Fortune's process has already enabled the senior management team to get a clear focus on our business development priorities and action plans. Your creative approach to helping us develop our approach and objectives has made it relatively easier to take it to the rest of the Company." 3M

Becton Dickinson Testimonial

"The development of our people is a major part of our strategy as we continue to grow and build our business in Australia. Fortune's Sales Leadership Process is a valuable vehicle, enabling our managers to facilitate both our business strategy and people development needs." Becton Dickinson

Valet Testimonial

“By facilitating the leadership modules with my management team I have been able to keep themRead Valet Full Testimonial focused on our business objectives with considerable success year on year, regardless of industry and market conditions.” Valet

Ardex Testimonial

"The sales tools make it easy to customize the training through the involvement of our sales management team as facilitators so we can get  the sales team to focus on selling value and overcoming predictable price objections. Our sales managers have been able to utilize the powerful management tools within the sales process to coach sales staff on more efficient selling techniques. We have benefited from the ease and flexibility of the program - and the provision of cost effective accessibility to the training 365 days a year." Ardex

Kimberly-Clark Australia Testimonial

"Our managers and crew leaders have a greater understanding of the need to deliver on agreed actions and outcomes. They have been able to utilize the powerful leadership and management tools within the process to coach and counsel their staff on the job." Kimberly-Clark Australia

DFG Home Loans Testimonial

“Fortune's training system is based on regional managers being easily trained to facilitate the presentation of the program to their own sales teams anywhere in theRead DFG Home Loans Full Testimonial country. This means the program is customized to the industry and participants see that the material is relevant to their own situation.” DFG Home Loans

Testimonial - Pearl & Dean

"The process and training tools have enabled our selling team to develop that competitive edge, differentiate us in the market place and enable management to build the sales process around capturing market opportunities. Pearl & Dean

Testimonial - Yates

"The training process you implemented with us has enabled the management group to be better aligned and more involved in achieving our common goals.” Yates

Containers Packaging, Amcor Testimonial

"Through the Leadership training system embedded in the process, our managers have successfully delegated responsibility to the teams rather than just tasks. When difficult times have emerged we have known how to lead our people through it and maintain a degree of consistency." Containers Packaging, Amcor

Moffat Testimonial

"We are more skilled in selling value rather than having to sell around price. Fortune's support has meant we are more able to focus on building a strong and competitive business while ensuring we learn from every customer encounter." Moffat

Warner Chappell Music Testimonial

"Our company has made an extremely healthy profit this year as opposed to a loss in the previous year and I believe one of the contributing factors to this is the Fortune training process." Warner Chappell Music

Baxter Testimonial

"Baxter is a company that has won Australian and International Quality Awards for its manufactured products and Just-In-Time Services. Baxter Sales & Marketing is an integral part of this Quality Ethos. Our most recent results have been to gain a strategic five year tender, improve accessibility and communication with our customers and address key growth opportunities with greater cohesion from all our Sales & Marketing staff." Baxter

DHL Testimonial

"The development of our managers as facilitators and coaches is working well - all have developed their skills in this area and are consequently working better with their teams. Furthermore, this approach has been very successful in a 'cost sense' in that we can provide 'ongoing' nationwide training to our entire group." DHL

Seiko Testimonial

"The process has not only equipped each of us with the skills but also provided us with the training tools to continually improve the productivity of all our people to consistently present our products and services in a professional manner, enabling us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.” Seiko

Exclusive Tyre
            Distributors Testimonial "From my experience, none of this comes easy, it certainly hasn't for us, but it sure helps if you have some good tools to work with……..and that’s where Fortune really helpsRead Exclusive Tyre Distributors Full
            Testimonial us. I am convinced that The Fortune Group would help the development and growth of any business and that’s why I am happy to recommend them." Terry Smith
Henry Schein Testimonial

"Our managers have used the process to successfully focus their teams on strategically building their accounts. In particular the sales training system has provided our selling team with the skills to sustain their key account development focus." Henry Schein

Testimonial - Warner Bros Video "The Leadership Program was certainly of immense benefit in terms of building a team relationship within our organization and providing a solid platform to communicate ideas more succinctly and manage our business better." Warner Bros Video