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'Leadership In Action' Training System Content

Module 1   Today's Challenge: Leadership

  • Prerequisites for business success
  • Management and leadership responsibilities
  • Attaining predetermined objectives
  • Definition and purpose of leadership
  • Creating voluntary cooperation and effort
  • Eliminating distrust to build productivity

Module 2   Why We Fail To Lead Part 1

  • Negative impact of management mistakes
  • Boosting, not filtering, corporate programs
  • Accepting personal accountability
  • Eliminating the we/they syndrome
  • Developing people and teams
  • Management time pressures
  • Using problems to attain objectives
  • Being the leader, not a best friend

Module 3   Why We Fail to Lead Part 2

  • Measuring performance and setting standards
  • Importance of training
  • Being a problem finder
  • Providing recognition to people at every level
  • Understanding what motivates people
  • Eliminating employee adoption

Module 4   How to Structure for High Level Performance

  • Why people fail to perform effectively
  • Structuring jobs to build employee value
  • Communicating responsibilities and tasks
  • Clearly sharing expectations to gain greater commitment
  • Recommendation for inducting new hires
  • Effectively measuring performance
  • Setting minimum standards that build pride

Module 5   How to Train and Coach for Results

  • Change means train; creating the desire to learn
  • Ensuring people know how to do the job
  • Training must build confidence
  • Proven three step model for training
  • Building one-on-one coaching skills
  • Changing behavior is a process
  • Consequences must be in balance

Module 6   How to Confront Incompetence and Redirect Behavior

  • Leaders do not condone incompetence
  • Rules for confronting poor performance
  • How to confront quickly and effectively
  • How to solve the problem
  • Techniques for redirecting negative behavior
  • Positively reinforcing desired behavior
  • Leadership self assessment checklist

Module 7   How to Facilitate Change Effectively

  • Some people resist, some embrace change
  • Change involves pain; benefits must outweigh the pain
  • Change (action) is always preceded by dissatisfaction
  • Mindsets of people when involved in change
  • Basic human motivations that drive or hinder change
  • Why people must understand the purpose
  • Techniques to sell and facilitate change

Module 8   Belief: The Foundation of Success

  • Difference between successful and failure
  • Behavior change comes from thinking
  • How to elevate a person's thinking
  • Understanding and building self-esteem
  • Dealing with 'where is the value to me'
  • Approaches to growing performance
  • What top performers believe in
  • Leaders build people's belief

Clients run 'Leadership In Action' in bite-sized modules. Video modules each run ~30 minutes.