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'Practical Sales Management and Leadership' Training System

Build a high-performance sales force with proven sales leadership skills.

Fortune's powerful sales management training system, built on the actual 'field' experience of thousands of sales leaders provides skills and tools for growing sales force effectiveness.

'Practical Sales Management - Strategies For Today' is run inhouse by clients using comprehensive multi-media training tools.

Our modular system enables short, bite-sized, training sessions to be facilitated simultaneously in multiple locations using a quality-consistent approach that drives the growth of a high-performance sales culture.

'Practical Sales Management - Strategies For Today' provides sales managers with skills and tools to:

  • anticipate and manage change
  • create a motivational climate
  • structure jobs that build value
  • grow a high-performance culture
  • develop and coach sales people
  • manage poor sales performance
  • build salespeople's belief
  • build sales force efeectiveness

'Practical Sales Management - Strategies For Today' develops sales leaders to secure and sustain high level sales performance.