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'Practical Sales Management - Strategies For Today'

Module 1   Management Defined

  • Five prerequisites for business success
  • The purpose of management
  • Definition of management
  • Major management styles
  • Management vs leadership – the difference
  • Making the dream a reality

Module 2   Major Mistakes Managers Make - Part 1

  • The effect of manager’s mistakes
  • Refusal to accept personal accountability
  • Having a we/they attitude
  • Failure to manage ourselves
  • Managing everyone the same way
  • Concentrating on problems not objectives
  • Being a buddy not the boss

Module 3   Major Mistakes Managers Make - Part 2

  • Failing to measure performance
  • Failing to set standards
  • Failing to train
  • Condoning incompetence
  • Recognising only top performers
  • Attempting to motivate

Module 4   Foundation for Success

  • Three major reasons salespeople fail
  • Difference between successful and unsuccessful salespeople
  • Understanding comfort zones
  • Questions that determine salespeople’s actions
  • #1 “What are my chances of success?”
  • #2 “Where is the value to me?”

Module 5   How to Structure the Job for Success

  • Three characteristics of successful salespeople
  • Four levels of competence
  • Structuring the job
  • Identifying responsibilities
  • Pinpointing the tasks
  • Recommendations for new hires

Module 6   Measuring Performance and Setting Standards

  • Methods for measuring performance
  • Recruiting and measuring performance
  • Why standards are required
  • Types of standards
  • Production standards and their relationship to quota
  • Attaining objectives

Module 7   How to Train for Results

  • Change means train
  • Training is a process, not an event
  • Training and education – the difference
  • Formula for behavior modification
  • Creating a good finding atmosphere
  • Disciplines of field training
  • Field training process

Module 8   How to Confront Incompetence

  • Taking people from entry level to the norm
  • Questions to ask before confronting
  • Rules for confronting incompetence
  • Formula for confronting incompetence
  • Secret to perfecting any skill – visualisation
  • Formula for redirecting behavior
  • Positively reinforcing behavior
  • What to do if you are unsuccessful

Module 9   Facilitating Change

  • Today’s challenge - change
  • Mindsets of change
  • Motivations of change
  • Tolerance for change
  • Change – questions that must be answered
  • Facilitating change
  • Planning for change

Module 10   Motivation versus Manipulation

  • Thinking: the source of results
  • Elevate the level of thinking
  • Law of compensation
  • Motivational methods
  • Thinking: the key to a manager’s approach

Clients run 'Practical Sales Management - Strategies For Today' in bite-sized modules. Each video module runs ~30 minutes.