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'Solution Based Selling' Training Program Content

Module 1   Becoming a Change Agent

  • Customers are not product oriented
  • How change impacts buying decisions
  • Top performers think like customers
  • Creating the motivation to take action
  • Solving customer problems is the key

Module 2   Selling from the Prospect's Viewpoint  

  • Selling is a transference of belief
  • Enhancing your belief and using empathy
  • How buying decisions are made
  • Selling from the prospect's viewpoint
  • Effective pre-call planning and post-call analysis

Module 3   Solidifying the Relationship

  • Selling is a continuum, not an event
  • Quickly gaining trust and confidence
  • Opening meaningful conversation
  • Effectively using compliments
  • Being informed through effective questioning
  • What we must know to be well informed

Module 4   Opening the Mind and Logically Justifying the Decision

  • Importance of showing interest in your customer
  • How to open the customer's mind and arouse curiosity
  • Four questions we must answer to the customer's satisfaction
  • How to use evidence to defeat disbelief
  • Effectively using logic and emotion

Module 5   Validating the Value

  • People buy emotionally and justify logically
  • How to artfully direct the prospect's thinking
  • Persuasive communication is benefit oriented
  • Customizing your presentation to your customer
  • How to use facts and benefits effectively

Module 6   Effecting Closure

  • Knowing when to close and the action you want
  • Close when the customer is ready to buy
  • Probe to read the prospect's buying temperature
  • Building customer confidence by seeking opinions
  • Techniques for closing that gain commitment

Module 7   Meeting and Verifying the Roadblocks to Success

  • Professionals don't quit when they meet resistance
  • How to meet the 'no' professionally
  • Probing without pressure
  • Burying excuses without upsetting the prospect
  • How to verify the prospect's true concern or objection

Module 8   Answering Objections

  • When to answer objections
  • How to use empathy when answering objections
  • Selling value, not price
  • Putting objections in proper perspective
  • Effectively answering and reversing objections

Clients run 'Solution Based Selling' in bite-sized modules. Each video module runs ~30 minutes.