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Run Your Own Inhouse Training......It's Easy!

Multimedia systems delivering bite-sized learning.

Fortune's multimedia training systems deliver bite-sized learning 'anywhere, anytime'
 Internal trainers implementing skills step by step.
Each training system is run by an internal trainer or manager and comes with step by step skills, tools and tutorials
 Create personal training sessions.
Train in small groups or teams with an expert instructor on DVD and create your own powerful training sessions
 Facilitated live online or through peer to peer interaction.
Facilitate your training face to face, peer to peer or live online through your learning intranet
 Retain the system for one-on-one coaching and new hires.
Customize every Fortune training system, and use it for retraining, one-on-one coaching and inducting new hires
 We provide lifetime customer support.
If you need guidance, we provide lifetime customer support. We're always here to help