Are your customers lost in a supplier maze?

In our blog entry Why the sales process never stops, we argued that the sales process extends far beyond the placement of a sales order, all the way to the various touch-points any of your employees have with fulfilling that order for a customer. Customer fulfillment of any kind will influence future sales, so you need to place almost as much emphasis on providing sales training to employees as you would your salespeople.

This approach is not without its potential pitfalls – one being the fragmentation of communications within an organization. Unless communications from every area is coordinated, you run the risk of confusing or frustrating a customer and having them get lost in a supplier maze! And you certainly don't want to create a negative view of the business with your customers.

To avoid the supplier maze, effective sales management and coordination is clearly required to ensure people understand how to sell to and serve customers. So there's a balance somewhere between free-for-all contact and a workforce that's afraid to reach out to customers.

Who better to take on the responsibility of achieving this equilibrium than your salespeople? They own the initial relationship, and just as we argued in Why the sales process never stops that they're accountable for delivering on their promises, so they should be in charge of managing the ongoing one.
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