Book offers tips on how to improve employee wellbeing

A new book, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, offers some important insights into how managers and leaders can help increase employee engagement and retention rates. With the aid of several research studies, the book's authors identify five key factors that contribute towards people's wellbeing: career wellbeing, social wellbeing, financial wellbeing, physical wellbeing and community wellbeing.

Even though many of these elements occur outside the traditional scope of the work environment, a recent article in The Weekend Australian quotes an engagement manager who suggests that employers must go out of their way promote all of them, and even goes so far as to say that they should foster social wellbeing by encouraging the use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Most importantly, the authors found that managers and leaders play a central role in promoting wellbeing:

If a manager ignores an employee, there is a 40 per cent chance the employee will be actively disengaged or filled with hostility about their job. But for someone whose manager is paying them attention, even if that attention is negative, the chances of that employee being disengaged goes down to 22 per cent.

If you run any sort of a team, think about your team members' wellbeing. Can you help to improve it, in each of the five areas identified? And are you and other managers paying attention to each person on the team? The more you give them, the more they'll give in return.

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